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Please provide your full legal name
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Person(s) not already described above, if any, whom you would like to appoint in the role of Executor/Trustee of your Estate. We recommend that you appoint at least two persons in total in order to allow for an alternate choice in the event your first choice becomes unavailable. Please provide full legal name, address and occupation of the individuals named.
If you are planning to include beneficiaries other than already mentioned above, please use this space to identify them and include the following information: His/her full legal name, Occupation, Relationship to Will-Maker, City, Province/State where they live now.
In your own words, describe how you would like to see your Estate distributed upon your death among the various beneficiaries named above. You need not use their full legal names, though there should not be any confusion as to who you are identifying. Remember to consider alternatives in the event that your first choices predecease. First consider if there are any specific gifts you would like to make before distributing the residue of your Estate to, or among your primary beneficiaries.
The residue of the Estate is the balance remaining after specific bequests, if any. This may be gifted to one or more people and in equal or differing shares. Please also consider alternatives in the event of a beneficiary predeceasing you.
Please remember that such decisions are usually made by your family/Trustees immediately after death and likely before they review your Will. Accordingly, if this is a matter important to you, you may want to consider making prior arrangements, or at least advising your loved ones ahead of time of your preferences. (i.e. Organ donor etc.)